Welcome to Shut Up and Teach EDU. “Shut up and teach” is a mindset that encourages teachers to set aside negative attitudes, complaining, and outdated teaching practices in favor of cultivating an environment that is fun, exciting, engaging and conducive to learning. This call to action emphasizes the importance of bringing enthusiasm, passion, and excitement to the classroom, and also highlights the need for a positive and dynamic approach to instruction. By adapting this mindset, teachers can create a learning environment that is both nurturing and effective, promoting the academic growth and development of their students while inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Elijah Carbajal is the creator of the Shut Up and Teach movement. Elijah is an MLSS (Multi-Layered/Tiered Systems of Support) Resource Teacher from Albuquerque, NM. Read his full bio when you connect with Elijah.