Think back to when you were in school. Think of the friendships, the science experiments, field trips, lunch in the cafeteria…that one teacher you loved and the one you couldn’t stand. Was school a place that you enjoyed being at, just dying to get there? Or was it a place you loathed, a prison that you were just dying to break out of?
School should be a place that students and teachers love. It should be a place that is fun, safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Just imagine a school where excitement and learning walk hand-in-hand, where teachers smile when they see their students and vice versa.

In A Place They Love, Elijah Carbajal shares some of the ways that teachers can make learning fun and meaningful, ways to connect with students outside of the classroom, what educators can do to make students feel safe, being your best for students, and more. The ideas in this book are for every educator regardless of the grade they teach or how long they have been teaching. By applying the principles in this book, educators can make the schoolhouse a place that every student loves.

Read Elijah’s book, A Place They Love: Creating a Healthy School Culture and Positively Impacting Students!

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