I came to school today.

I came here just to say:

Don’t be too stern, yes I’m here to learn,

but I’m also here to play.

Learning is just one reason

I return season after season.

When it’s only rules and there’s no fun in schools

education lacks completion.

I’m hungry for more than knowledge.

I might not go to college.

So teach me more than what’s on the board.

One day I will pay homage.

I’m not a robot in a desk.

I’m a real human mess.

More than one reason. I’m still grievin’.

I’ll just “shut up and learn” I guess.

I need someone in my corner.

Not an inconsiderate scorner.

With boring lessons my enthusiasm lessens.

They wonder why we are underperformers.

Why is it hard so hard to see?

A dirty mirror reflects what it sees.

Unprepared spaces leave disheartened faces

of students like them and me.

I came from chaos and shame.

Didn’t come to play the same game.

More than one reason. I’m met with treason.

I didn’t learn, so I’m to blame.

Need more than a worksheet page.

See experiences stick for days.

I need to touch and see, not just hear and read.

I learn in different ways.

My mental health is real.

Sometimes I need to heal.

For always putting me down, you sure wear a frown.

You, too, are caught up in feelings.

We are here for more than learning.

You say that we’re deserving.

Actions beyond words. Turn intentions to verbs

for the future generation you are serving.

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