We thought that the darkest storm

would be enough to unite us.

Facing yet another swarm.

The hate they’re sending, never ending.

Forget all the good we’ve done.

They don’t see us as the safest ones.

Slithering tongues of hateful ones.

The disrespect. The disconnect.

Old mindsets die hard.

So engrained from the heart to the brain.

Peer into the scars.

Add to the problem, you’ll never solve ’em.

Safety in numbers.

Dwindling away day after day.

Losing yet another.

Numb to it now. Dumbing it down.

We’re just warm body.

The roots and stem, the problem.

“Brain washing probably.”

We’re expendable, you’re not dependable.

Not seen or heard.

While you fight for your rights.

Books to be burned.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Masters of it all.

I’m none of the above, expert of none.

So tell me when fall.

Fall in line with society’s mind.

Old mindsets dies hard.

You choose to be blind with disrespect in your eye.

Change your mind and heart.

Nothing changes if no one changes.

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