TW: trauma, self-harm references


I was rotting by myself.

My clothes smokey, because I walked through hell.

Every day is a new day. Yes, I’m sure.

But at the end of each day I’m still looking for a cure.

I don’t know how to pretend.

I don’t know if I can make it to the end.

I’m falling apart

Right from the start.

I didn’t know how to fight.

So I fought with my fists.

I couldn’t cut the ties that bind.

So I tear the flesh from my wrists.


I dig deep into the skin.

The only comfort from the pain I’m in.

I took it all. The brunt of it all.

Was made to believe someone would catch me when I’d fall.

LIES! I couldn’t see because I was

BLIND! Blinded all because

the devil in disguise

stole the joy and life from my eyes.

I fought so many times.

Psychological abuse.

Verbal torment I can’t hide from.

I let it happen. What’s the use?

I escaped the deathly grip.

Found healing on the deadly trip.

Sad trips lead me to somewhere new.

Healing waters lead me to someone new.

Truth lives, Ebenezer!

Truth made me a believer.

Now I’ve escaped with my eyes wide open.

What’s unspoken remains broken.

I fought until I could no longer.

I gave into the healing work.

Brand new sights on the horizon.

Brand new life begins to emerge.

The day I found the lifeline,

the day the light shined through.

The message was so clear:

A seed must die to become something new.

5 Replies to “What’s Unspoken Remains Broken (poem)”

  1. So so so relatable.
    People need a purpose, but when you look around and can see no meaning to this existence , or when you can’t create meaning on your own… it is so very isolating.

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