I’m not talking to my past. Those days have passed.

I’m walking as I pass those ways I once had.

Don’t dare look or venture into dangerous adventures.

No time, broken watches. No dangerous endeavors.

No way, man. I’m onto other things, greater things.

Brand new mindset flipped upside down. Stranger things.

Anger seems to have laid down its crown.

Depression and anxiety to the ground. I’m in the clouds.

Now from a bird’s eye view I view

life emerging. Healing waters surging. Brand new

flowers that empower me to stand true

to who I am, ’cause the marigolds are beautiful, true.

Healed up like a model on the runway, size two. (Get it?)

Eyes glued to the future. I think it’d surprise you

to see how I’ve grown emotionally and mentally too.

Emotions under wrap like a Christmas present for you.

Make no mistake. Pitch perfect, only hit the high notes.

Pitched perfect, no hitter. Picthing all the right throws.

You know why I’m here. Do I waster time? No.

This time and moving on it’s only new rhymes, yo.

Heavyweight in the ring. 20 karat in the ring.

I used to have a broken wing, but now like a bee I sting.

Using my voice to heal the noise and suffering.

Broke the voice meter. Watch me as I do my thing.

Call me space cadet. This rhyme is out of this world.

Call me. Place your bets. This time I make this world twirl.

I do this for myself, my wife, the boys and girls.

This is a blessing. I ain’t guessing or messing, just confessing

all my sins and where I’ve been. My mind’s been wandering.

My mind’s been wondering. My mind’s been pondering.

But only on the present and the future. Introduce ya

to me, myself, and I. Our lives I ain’t squandering.

Hands of hope. Hands for help. Take hold.

As you face the day, I’m your marigold.

I’ll walk with you and talk you through

the dark nights, violent storms. I’m with you.

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